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आपका स्वागत है 
NiwasPass System enables citizens of Urban areas of Chhattisgarh to upload their requisite documents as per the set procedure and generate the building permission after various checks of the system. In this system, a Unique Chhattisgarh model based initiative has been introduced where Citizens having plot size upto 500 Sq. Mtr can get Direct Building Permission by paying a 1/- application fees.

Currently the following ULB's are in this system

1. नगर निगम अंबिकापुर

2. नगर निगम कोरबा

3. नगर निगम चिरमिरी

4. नगर निगम जगदलपुर

5. नगर निगम दुर्ग

6. नगर निगम बिलासपुर

7. नगर निगम भिलाई

8. नगर निगम रायगढ़

9. नगर निगम रायपुर

10. नगर निगम रिसाली

11. नगर पालिक निगम राजनांदगांव

12. नगर निगम धमतरी

13. नगर निगम भिलाई चरौदा

14. नगर निगम बिरगांव

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*Grievance Redressal Number - 1100 (Toll Free)

*Install whatsapp application in you mobile and click on CLICK HERE
Inside that you will get links to join whatsapp group of BPMS Support of all municipal corporation, add yourself in your respective municipal corporation by clicking on it